i want to order lunch! where do you deliver?

Great! We're a small operation and currently only deliver to the Bend area.  Check back later as we expand our delivery area!

Is there an order minimum?

The delivery minimum is just $20!

I'm getting hangry, can i order food now?

You sure can!  Call us on the kitchen hotline: 541.728.3769 

what happened to that tasty dish i ordered last month?

Chef Eric changes our menu with the seasons to ensure we are always using the freshest ingredients and to keep it interesting!  If you don't see a dish you've ordered in the past, chances are we've moved it off the menu to make space for something new and delicious!  Curious if your fav lunch will make it's way back on the menu? Contact us!

do i eat this hot or cold?

Most of our dishes are crafted to be delicious cold (besides our soups).  However, if you'd prefer to heat up your lunch, feel free to pop that bad boy in the microwave!  Not sure if you should eat it hot or cold? Peep that tag on your box! We include serving suggestions on all of our meals.

How do I order for next week?

You're such a planner!  Just choose the appropriate delivery date, Monday-Friday, and place your order!  

what should i do with those cute sauce bottles!?

They are 100% recyclable so feel free to toss them in the recycling!